Music Volume EQ

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Enhance your music listening experience. Make it your Android™ sounds like never before. * MILLION installs in first month on the Market. Check out why. Music Volume EQ is a volume slider with live music stereo led VU meter and five band Equalizer with Bass Boost and Virtualizer effects. Improve sound quality on your Android™ device and get live readings of your current music volume level. Use with headphones for best results. Features: * Media volume control * Five band equalizer * Bass boost effect * Virtualizer effect * 9 equalizer presets * Save custom presets * Stereo led VU meter * Home screen widget * Lock media volume Works with most Music players such as: * Android™ Music Player * Winamp * Google Music * MixZing * Poweramp and more Installation and usage: * Long press on home screen to add Music Volume EQ widget. * Put headphones * Turn on the music player and play your music * Press Music Volume EQ widget and adjust sound level and frequency. * To save custom preset press Save Preset on list and type preset name. To delete preset, long press preset name and delete. * To close application and remove from Status Bar long press application power button. *********************************************************** AppEggs Review: "Those of you who use your Android™ phone as primary music listening device, Music Volume EQ can be the best Android™ App to enhance your music listening experience till now. Music Volume EQ can improve sound quality on your Android™ device and get live readings of your current music volume level. -",21370.html Reviews: Lance ***** "Works like a charm! After reading the compatability chart and the reviews, I decided to take the leap and try it. Installed on my Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch and not only works flawlessly, it does everything it said it would. I use Winamp and this app completely negates the need to "go pro". It also works for any other installed media player on my phone (MX, Pandora, etc). A "MUST HAVE" app for people who love to use their smart phone as their primary media playback device at home or on the go. This program ROCKS!!!" Asitha ***** "Mega Bass One of the greatest apps for Android™. Cool. A++++++. 10/10" Lee ***** A must have app makes music near perfection !! Judd ***** "Simply the best I've tried every eq app available in the market and i'd say this is the best. I'm not even satisfied with all the players with built in 10 band eq. The only downside is after listening,with your music it'll automatically turn off. Other than that it's great!" Please feel free to send us your feedback. * Android is a trademark of Google Inc.






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