MegaAudio Pro

Age 0+

Test your subwoofers (subs), headphones and home sound system and entertain friends with soundboards, drum kit, loops, morse code, sirens and more. MegaAudio is currently the best android app to test you speakers across a wide range of tests. FEATURES: ★High Pitch: Offers sine, square and saw waveforms of frequencies between 9kHz and 20kHz. ★Bass: Bass Offers sine, square and saw waveforms of frequencies between 10Hz and 120Hz (Great for testing subwoofers capability). ★Subwoofer: HQ audio tracks that test your subwoofers. ★Tempo: Gives ability to select a track and change the tempo. ★Loops: 12 Tracks at the same beats per minute gives ability to create tracks. ★Drums: HD drum kit. ★Soundboard: 15 fun sounds to fool around with. ★Sirens: 6 different sirens to prank your friends. ★Sound Nade: Gives off high pitch noise when clicked (may not be heard by older people). ★Noise: Test speakers with 3 types of noise. ★Stereo: Test speaker and headphones stereo potential. ★Morse Code: Simple morse code resource includes alphabet. Currently supports mdpi, hdpi and xhdpi, not recommended for use on ldpi screens.






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