Overtake : Car Traffic Racing


Age 3+

Overtake is a realistic 3D car traffic racing game where you push powerful cars to their limit by driving with staggering speeds through dynamic traffic on endless freeway. Avoid crashing into other vehicles and overtake dynamic obstacles to get as far as possible while collecting cash and experience. Main Features: ✔ Realistic traffic racing game-play. Drive an incredibly fast car (at high speeds over 400kph/240mph) on a highly-trafficked road by tilting your device left/right and braking when needed. The goal is to be the fastest traffic racer and get as far as possible without damaging your car. Do close overtakes on other vehicles and even smash into breakable obstacles for fun! ✔ Pick your ride. What suits you better, the power of a Ferrari or agility of a Mini? Overtake has 8 fast cars you can choose from, one better than the other. Each vehicle has 3 attributes that define how good it is: power, handling and braking. ✔ Customize your car. If you cannot afford a more powerful race car you can improve your existing one. Upgrade the vehicle’s engine to get more power out of it (increased acceleration) or adjust the steering sensitivity to control it better. You can tune your vehicle by changing its color with any you’d like as you don’t select a particular color but use RGB selectors to pick one. When you’re driving in dynamic traffic the Nitro feature will temporarily boost the speed no matter what vehicle you pick. ✔ Multiple game modes. In Overtake you drive through dynamic traffic in 3 different modes. Choose One Way to drive in dynamic traffic going on multiple lanes in one direction if you’re a beginner trying to get experience. Advance to Two Way dynamic traffic racing to simulate real-world fast driving. Finally, Overtake has an unique Wrong Way mode where you race in dynamic traffic on countersense with crazy speeds. ✔ Realistic 3D graphics. Overtake has stunning graphics with realistic 3D cars and 5 different endless tracks, one more beautiful than the other. ✔ Achievements and top charts. Connect via Google Play to access achievements. From a Skilled driver to an Unchaseable one, there are dozens of achievements you can unlock. Access 5 different leaderboards to compare your high-speed driving skills with your friends’ or other worldwide players. No matter if you’re a casual or a pro-gamer that enjoys endless traffic racing games, Overtake will amaze you with its realistic graphics and physics that aren’t resource intensive. The better you are at driving on freeway in endless traffic, the more coins you’ll earn and unlock better cars. We strive to make Overtake the best freeway traffic racing game in town, so we need your help to know what you’d like improved. » Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vslovertake/ » Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/109212306936455910896 » Twitter: https://twitter.com/virtualsoftlab » Blog: http://blogs.virtualsoftlab.com » YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3FVJulvzQmgAyQcpEko0Og » Game Site: http://overtake.virtualsoftlab.com/ Email: support@virtualsoftlab.com







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