Ultimate Checklist


Age 0+

Fully configurable checklist / planner pre-loaded for 45+ different occasions and more than 10,000 items. You can still edit them, add to them, export them and do whatever you want. Saves you weeks of typing. Comes with all features a checklist can offer. Checkout our evergrowing list of features. Pre-loaded for the following occasions - camping, general travel, flight travel, birthday planning, wedding planning, car or road travel, party planning, travel with baby, vacation travel, golf trips, beach trip planning, fishing travel, hunting travel, hiking, holiday trip planning, kayaking, RV trip planning, scuba diving, baby shower planning, backpacking, bbq planning, bucket list, boating trips, christmas, cruise trip planning, day care list, first aid list, halloween planning, trekking, romance life, mountain climbing, new year party planning, picnic planning, moving, home buying and the list keeps growing. The app ONLY requires SD Card permission so that you can export/import list. It does NOT need internet connection and there are absolutely NO ads. Your privacy is guaranteed. Features include: - Add new items (available as part of menu option) - Add new categories (available as part of menu option) - Thumb friendly check/uncheck option - Hide checked items (available as part of menu option) - Unhide checked items (available as part of menu option) - Option to check all (available as part of menu option) - Option to uncheck all, so you can reuse the list again. (available as part of menu option) - Rearrange items (available as part of menu option) - Edit existing items (long press on any item for option to edit) - Edit existing categories (long press on any category for option to edit) - Delete existing items (long press on any item for option to delete) - Delete existing categories (long press on any category for option to delete) - Indicates the total number of items and the number of items that need to be completed. - Color coded (green, yellow and red) for a visually appealing presentation - Reuse the list multiple times. - Comes pre-populated with lots of items that can save you typing. - Modify and Export the list to your external storage. - Save it as your own with your own name. - You can have UNLIMITED number of lists - Import the list from your sd card / external storage - Importing the list preserves the state of each and every item - (ie) whether checked or unchecked - Import the Factory default list anytime you want. - Duplicate a list by exporting and importing it as a different list. - Search through the list of exported lists. - Delete exported lists. - Edit your list on your PC. The lists are saved under /mnt/sdcard/jimbl. It is a simple csv file. Make sure there are no quotes in the file. - Easily Share and email list with your friends / family through Gmail or Facebook or any other sharing client you have on your device. - Send your list via Bluetooth to any bluetooth enabled device - Easily send the list to your printer (via email - Needs email to print support on your printer)







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